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Inde Motorsports Ranch June 2nd, 2012

Welcome to ArizonaRides in Tucson, AZ founded in January 2004. Driving spirited and smart are two of the same. This group is about exploring how your car handles and enjoys the road.

Thank YOU for making ArizonaRides what it is!

  • Upcoming events are posted in events. To attend you must submit your info. This allows us to contact you and give you info on meeting times and locations. Please read the disclaimer.
  • All drives are based out of Tucson. Most of the drives range 125-150 miles round trip, where others can push 500+.
  • These are not races or "illegals." Driving as a group is much safer in case of any emergency. Having others to learn with and control your own car is safer for you, the driver, and everyone on the road.
  • There are ON TRACK events held by ArizonaRides.
  • There is no required membership, no required meetings. This is not a car club.
  • We cannot put enough stress on safety. How you handle your vehicle is up to you. Please lets keep the roads safe and enjoy what Arizona has to offer us.

In loving memory of our great friend Josh Holden who we said goodbye to on October 7th 2007. He will never be forgotten. Visit his page here to remember his legacy.

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