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  • Most events are normally on the 2nd Sunday of each month. If it is not, the date of the drive will be posted.
  • Click Sign me up! if you would like to attend a drive.
  • Listed average round trip mileage may be listed with trip. Mileage is based out of Tucson.

June 2nd 2012:
Inde Motorsports Ranch Wilcox AZ
$$$ Entry fee $$$.

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  • 01-01-04 Some fun!
    01-25-04 Kitt Peak
    02-22-04 Arivaca
    03-28-04 Patagonia

    05-30-04 Alpine!
    06-27-04 Kitt Peak
    08-01-04 Arivaca
    08-29-04 Patagonia
    09-04-04 Mt. Graham
    10-17-04 Kitt Peak III
    11-21-04 Arivaca
    01-09-05 Mt. Lemmon
    03-27-05 Arivaca
    04-24-05 Alpine

    05-08-05 Mt. Lemmon
    06-05-05 Kitt Peak
    09-04/09-05 Alpine!
    11-13-05 Arivaca

    12-11-05 Mt. Lemmon

    01-21-06 Track Day (Arroyo Seco)
    02-12-06 Kitt Peak
    03-12-06 Mt.Graham/Alpine
    04-16-06 Patagonia/Sonoita

    06-11-06 Kitt Peak
    07-09-06 Arivaca
    09-16-06 Track Day (Arroyo Seco)
    09-17-06 Mt. Graham

    10-20/10-22 ALMS California
    11-11/11-12 Alpine!
    11-18-06 Arroyo Seco
    12-10-06 Mt. Lemmon

    01-14-07 Arivaca
    01-27-07 Track Day
    02-11-07 Patagonia
    03-17-07 Track day ASR
    04-22-07 Kitt Peak
    05-26/27-07 Alpine!
    08-19-07 Mt. Graham
    11-11-07 Kitt Peak - Farewell!

    01-26-08 ASR
    02-17-08 Arivaca

    04-13-08 Sonoita
    8-8-08 Kitt Peak
    11-9-08 Arivaca
    12-7-08 Sean's last drive
    04-12-09 Mark's last drive
    10-25-09 Arivaca
    4-25-10 Mt. Lemmon
    11-23-10 Kitt Peak
    2-27-11 Arivaca
    4-24-11 Alpine
    8-21-11 Arivaca
    10-9-11 Kitt Peak


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